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Our new ALLVANS 3 caravan / build from the ground to suit our personal requirements. With 38 years caravanning experience and Jim as a past President of the RACV Caravan Club, we are delighted to promote ALLVANS as an “EXCELLENT OPTION”. The caravan was completed for delivery in may 2012. It is
Jim & Jan Hall
Our thanks go to Nilton, David and Garrick at Allvans for the fantastic job they did building our new van “ALLVANS 2″. The whole experience went smoothly even when we were changing things as we went along, Nilton kept us fully informed and included us in the process right throughout the job, whi
John & Carrol Victor
After our old and tired c’van was in need of repairs, we visited “Allvans” premises, saw their workmanship, and decided forget the repairs, let’s get a new caravan build. At the time they, Nilton and his team, were building allvan No 4, I was impressed with the way they implemented the lates
Ria & Jack Van Bakel
Allvans 1 began when Nilton, David and I discussed the design for a great caravan. Using the 40+ years of experience repairing and servicing caravans they both had seen all the mistakes and bad designs. Allvans 1 design had bed at front with a sloping roof and a long wheel base for a great weight
Laurie Moylan
After looking at different caravans on the road, in sales yards & magazines we were very fortunate to meet John & Carol with ALLVANS 2 at 80 Mile Beach, WA. We both fell in love with it, ALLVANS 2 still looked brand new even though it was 3 years old & traveled 11 months a […]
Annette & David Blair
After spending several years thoroughly researching off road vans an ex work colleague suggested we inquire about having an ALLVANS Caravan built. My immediate impression on visiting the company, for the first time, was the high standard of their workmanship and their use of quality materials, on re […]
Charles & Marie