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Caravan workshop Melbourne

Allvans Caravan Repairs

Allvans Caravan Repair is the most popular caravan workshop Melbourne as we make sure that all minor issues in your van are resolved before they turn into major problems. With years of experience, we know where and how most of the faults in a caravan develop and at our caravan workshop Melbourne we snip them in the bud to avoid accidents and urgent repairs.

From tightening washers and taking care of seals before they turn into major water leaks, to lubricating bearings and hinges, our attention to details is what separates us from other caravan workshop Melbourne. We make sure that the different parts and systems that wear easily are checked regularly and replaced if needed. At our caravan workshop Melbourne, we make sure to check all moving parts, brakes, tyres, lights, suspension and thoroughly checking the chassis for any faults.

It is recommended that you bring in your caravan to our caravan workshop Melbourne every 10,000kms for a check and servicing including gas fittings and electric system check. Most experienced caravan owners service their caravans regularly themselves keeping parts well
lubricated and oiled. However, many new caravan owners don’t know what to look for and for them we offer a checklist at our caravan workshop Melbourne. It is important to keep your trailer in top shape at all times as it could prove to be way more expensive than simply going for a check at caravan workshop Melbourne.