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Caravan servicing Melbourne

Allvans Caravan Repairs

Caravans are durable piece of equipment but still demand regular caravan servicing Melbourne. We have been doing caravan servicing Melbourne for over 40 years and can vouch that a regular caravan check and basic maintenance can save you expensive repairs as most accidents result from a combination of manual error as well as a failure to maintain the safety of your caravan. Ideally, a caravan servicing Melbourne should be done every 10,000 kms.

When you go for caravan servicing Melbourne at Allvans Caravan Repair, we make sure you’re your van is 100% safe for on road and off road use by subjecting it to a series of tests. After all, you would never want to risk your life, spend thousands of dollars on repair costs or ruining a great holiday.

We know that as a caravan owner, you only want the most professional and qualified caravan servicing Melbourne experts to work on your van and that is exactly what we offer. Our caravan servicing Melbourne technicians have worked on all makes and models and are quick to spot and fix minor problems before they become major repairs.

Allvans Caravan Repair offers an experienced caravan servicing Melbourne at most competitive prices. We also provide repairs and modification for caravans so you know that we will fix all issues. Contact us to find out about our caravan servicing Melbourne checklist.