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Allvans Caravan Repair is a specialised accident repair, servicing and caravan modification centre situated in the heart of Casey. Local business partners Nilton Dantas and David Debomford founded the business in 2007 and have experienced strong growth as they continue to deliver a customised service to a growing numbers of caravan owners. Together, Nilton and David bring over 40 years of caravan repairs and manufacturing experience to the business and have a growing workforce of repairers that have been consistently trained to the highest standards of this industry.

Allvans is recognised as a market leader in the accident repair sector amongst all major insurers, as they provide a seamless hassle free service to their customers. In building strong relationships with these organisations Allvans can manage the entire claim for a customer with as little as a claim number, to deliver guaranteed workmanship unlike any other accident repairer, check out Our Services/ Accident Repair for further information.

Allvans build lifetime relationships, with their customers, and this has been the foundation of their growth as a business. Allvans have now seen clients in their 3rd generation of caravan’s and can tailor their service to consistently meet their caravan modification needs. As this industry grows beyond the ‘grey nomad’ Allvans are able to consistently support the needs of clients that are Weekend and Annual Caravaners.

“Amongst all our clients we have one common mission with our customer satisfaction as our driving force, 
to repair, service or modify your vehicle so that you can return to the road as quickly as possible” Nilton &
David, Allvans.