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Custom Additions

A large proportion of the work that is completed by Allvans for customers includes customised additions of interior and exterior parts. Through their experience Allvans recognise each customer has different needs and Allvans endeavor to supply and fit a range of aftermarket products that would suit their needs. These products could include (not limited to):

• Retro fitting accessories

• Camper windup systems

• Awnings

• Electric “12Volt Awnings”

• Box Awnings

• Battery Installation fitting and wiring

• Solar Panel Installation

• Leds Internal & External replacement

• Air Conditioner supply and fit

• Antenna installation

• Caravan Raising

Allvans pride themselves on pushing the boundaries and expectations of their customers in customised caravan’s, to deliver a service that others can’t do. Allvans have an exceptional team both in the workshop and in the office that work collaboratively to deliver customer orders on time and on budget.